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2,000 foetuses found at temple

Members of a rescue foundation carry bags of corpses at the mortuary storage room of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. -- PHOTO: AFP

BANGKOK - THAI police investigating a strong smell emanating from a Buddhist temple have found more than 2,000 foetuses hidden in the complex's morgue that appear to have come from illegal abortion clinics.

During an initial investigation at the temple in Bangkok on Tuesday, police discovered piles of plastic bags containing more than 300 foetuses. Police Lieuenant Colonel Kanathud Musiganont said workers pulled more bodies from the temple's morgue on Friday. More than 2,000 have been unearthed from vaults where bodies are traditionally interred pending cremation, which under some circumstances can take place years after death.

Abortion is illegal in Thailand except under three conditions - if a woman is raped, if the pregnancy affects her health or if the foetus is abnormal.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Friday that more must be done to prevent illegal abortions but that his government would not revise the abortion-related laws. He said his government has discussed the matter and believed that 'the existing laws are appropriate and flexible enough'.

Several people have already been arrested in the case: two undertakers for hiding bodies to conceal the cause of death and an abortion clinic employee on charges of operating an unlicensed medical clinic and performing abortions. The undertakers could each be sent to prison for up to one year and fined 2,000 baht (S$87). The clinic employee - who police said confessed she had delivered the foetuses to the morgue workers starting early this year - could face up to five years in jail and a fine of 10,000 baht.

According to the police, Suchart Poomee, 38, one of the undertakers being questioned by the police, confessed on Tuesday he had been hired by illegal abortion clinics to destroy the foetuses. He said he had been collecting the foetuses since November last year. It was not clear why they had not yet been cremated. -- AP

Source:The Straits Times

My thoughts.

If I were to put myself into the general public's view,I feel that it is too inhuman. We always say that life is precious and yet people in our neighbouring country wasting 2000 lives. Out of these little lives, many might have talents that can contribute to the economy of the country and many ways to contribute to the nation. However , they are murdered by their own parents even before seeing their world . These parents should be caught, and allow law to punish them.

Standing on the parents view, I personally think that if I cannot provide for my child, or to give my child a good future . I would not allow him or her to the world . As a parent, I would not want my child to suffer with me . So I think that it is rather unfair to make abortion illegal. Having abortion being illegal would produce the existence of black market. The facilities of the unlicensed doctors and skills would be even more dangerous for the mothers going for abortion. Hence I think that the government should legalise abortion.

No matter what , they should cremate it . Having some of the dead foetuses left in the temple for more than a year, foul smell and bacteria would have taken over the place.

I also feel that they should practice sex safe and taken measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The government can also educate parents on the safety measures .


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