Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 年,11月10-11日

Caught 2 movies in 2 consecutive days .

1. the social network.

2. megamind.

The movie was funny
but the audience was funnier.

Some IJ girls were sitting in front of us .
& They were nice enough to move in to the inner seats.
(cause we were sitting next to the stairs)
Thanks for the full view , girls !

& Guess what ?
At the end of the show
the girls started saying things like
" why the show so funny ar ? "
" the show very funny "
Things like that
& as well as * insert laughters*

So My dearestest decided to kop their lines
and I started bursting into laughter.

They were still repeating the lines when we were in the toilet.
I kept my laugh inside me.
But when they came out of the cubicles.
whatevery its called.
I rushed out of the toilet
& burst into laughter.
Like my dam loud laughter.

So ya .
Little things like this totally add on to my epic life .
Watched Megamind with ma girlf
As part of our idk how long pre anniversary celebration .
& as usual,
We disturb everyone thats by-pass us.

This part is for all of yoo
Who dont believe that imma lesbian !

we took 4 boliao pictures.

#1 : Diyan + F&N grape Sizeuppppped.

#2 : Our Yami Yoghurt (Y)

#3 : Me in furry boots
Which I actually think I look effing cute.

Kawaii hor ?

#4 : And girlf in furry boots.
I think everyone look nice in the boots lor.

Someone please buy for me thanks !
Christmas is coming leis.

Nice me
Share with you a nice song I'm addicted on recently.

AKB48 - Beginner.

p/s: all comments & questions on my formspring replied :]

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