Saturday, October 23, 2010


Good Morning Everybody !
( ^_^)/ やぁ!
Hows your spooky halloween ?
Share with me your Halloween by commenting alrights ?

Yes .
Today I'm going to share with you my halloween 2010

Thanks to for the invite !
When I received the email ,
I was like timid ,
& experience it manszxz !

I've never been to a halloween party or event like this before .
It was really an eye-opener for me!

So I decided to be a witch .
I mean ,
Dressup like a witch.
Like a very nice witch .
Like I will turn those brainless MRT commuters into roaches
You know ?
Or shower nice kind hearted people with moolah

Unfortunately ,
I dont think I look like a witch .

Outfit of the day .

2 Witched in disguise !

So I decided to be the REAL Witch's apprentice
A very blur one.
& my witchy guest is kelly !

We were late alr ,
So we shook hands with the skeleton to befriend with him .
So that we will have a pleasant halloween .
八(^□^*) タノム!!

(no lahs, I just anyhow bomb only )

Me and kelly again ~

Last picture of my nice hair.

Entrance ?

Metup with the other bloggers
& start camwhoring while waiting .


Take picture with ghost 1 .

Oops , caught camwhor-ing .

With the other bloggers !

Merlion looks so evil !

I think she's called Meng po
Cause she keep asking asking people to drink soup
You know this legend of MENGPO
In hell , you drink her soup alr
You will forget the past or something .

Met new friends , Gin & Himeko .
Before going to the first ride .

Our first trail for the day is
Which is at the Merlion .

We were only allowed to take photos and videos at this ride .
For media only .

Worried + scared.

We were given ropes to tie on so that we will stay alive

Poor quality pictures ,
My cammy not good enough .
Pardon me .

I took a video ,
But its very very dark .
I also scared.
So hope you like it .

Out alive !

My first picture after I'm out of the ride !

For our bravery,
We got headbands !

Photo Credits : Hongpeng

White skulls.

Took pictures with Jiaqi !

Geisha .

I asked her to do neko mimi with me ,
But she refused.

& she's very noisy .
She keep screaming while walking .
Or isit laughing.

With Ghost with a baby .
She's the one reported that
Kids say sentosa is haunted !

Didi and meimei , Jiejie found her.
She's touchable !

We walked....
To the spooktacular cemetery
Initially I thought it was a thrill or something .
But its just a place made for phototaking .

The 4 of us + vanessa !

The PSI Level was still in a 'good' range .

Tombstone spotted !

Cemetery guard.

Pavement to more tombstones

Toilet Break + takepicture.
Before we continue with the next thrill.

The next trail is
Which is a haunted house again .
Alot of siao people inside !

They will touch you one I tell you .

Vanessa's boyf was super funny !
He was scolding the "ghosts "!
We were playing inside ,


Out alive
& continue to take pictures with ghosts

The perankan couple.

I was trying out with my spells.
So I turned my surroundings into green ,
And make my hand semi-visible.

&Indian ghost

Trishaw ghost.

Geisha Ghost 2.

White Hair demon-ress.

Taoist boy.
He very cute leis !
I like him .


Queue for the third trail !
Look at the amount of people.
This is the most terrifying one lor

Bored & Nothing to do = camwhore again !!!

2 devils behind a witch's apprentice

I tell you .

Nearer ,
But still queue-ing !

See ,
I also can be talent .
Next year can contact me for talent jobs.

Tired alr ,
*remove heels *

Before we headed in .
The guide was telling us .
" No photograhy... beating talents... or they will follow you home and shampoo for you when you are showering.. "

Obviously we laughed.
Not bad what ,
Got people help you shampoo
Can ask for massage also.

Just kidding ,
do not come and find me
八(^□^*) タノム!!

This thrill was okay only .
I feel .
Maybe because I was tired alr ,
& immuned alr ./
Kelly was the first one ,
& We were nearly lost.
This thrill have the most funny moments .
Not alot ,
2 to share only.

1) the ghost uncle walked to me & ask me if i want ice kacang.
He walked towards me
& "ice kacang" infront of my face
I think .
Totally like the FML moment I have a few weeks ago .

Kelly immediately laughed.
While I laughed in embarrassment !

2) People infront of us was shocked by a man-in-black .

Guy : * shocked * Got ghost at corner !
MIM : I volunteer la!

Us : * burst into laughter*

(●⌒∇⌒●) わーい

Its also another haunted house kind of thing.

Done with the 3 trail
Walking to the sky tower for the 4th and last trail .

We took pictures with this red cheongsam auntie .
I must tell you this .
In order to take picture with her ,
We still need to queue up you know...

When I took this picture with her ,
I can hear people saying things like
" Waa this girl still can zilian with her "

& saw friends !!!


& I turn to the other side ,

Zixian called for me .

My sexy 师傅。

I actually bought some candy for halloween .
and put inside this nekomimi bag ,
But I forgot to give it to the other bloggers ,
My bad .

Heart-shaped candy ドキドキ

Gin & Himeko .

Inside the Sky tower!
Not scary lahs.
Just see scenery

Me + Himeko + Bibi

applepie the ghost!

With the victorian ang moh ghost.

I think her outfit very nice ,
So I like her ,
& offer her a candy .
But she reject me.
The candy on the floor .

♪♪♪ ( ^^)人(^^ ) ♪♪♪

& this marked the end of the event !

Well ,
It was a very great experience !
But 3 haunted house at a go ,
Really makes us immune to it .
So by the 2 one ,
which is the haunted asylum .
We were not afraid anymore.
Cause we know where's the scary points already .
To me ,
Its more funny then spooky .
Maybe due to the people I was with .

But stillllll.
Its great to celebrate halloween in Singapore!
Hopefully I'll still have a chance to attend next year's !

Alrights .
Thanks for reading
& Do share with me how you celebrated your halloween .
( ̄3 ̄)むっちゅううううう

Angie Applepie.

Bye-bi !

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Hey, that tombstone has my name! Created by my colleagues. Possible to take e photo from you? Haha..tag me in facebook. Search under Jabez tan Jing Mei

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Sorry, eh, search under Tan Jing Mei Jabez :)

  3. Yes dear. You can take the picture , but please credit me ! :]


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