Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi guys !
Just come back from Sentosa not long ago !
( Blogging about it soon )

Back to my daily dose of my epic life !

$4.05 for a 5oz soup and a drink .

Serviced my phone at Dhoby
& I have to wait for like 3 weeks ,
Cause BB9700 no stock .

Since i'm at dhoby guat.
How would I not go to Daiso to shop ?

I can be me ni mao too.

Yellow ribbon clip .

Bought this for Halloween !
Heart shaped candies ,
Very niceeeeeeeee.

School at 8am !!!
End at 12 thou :D

I got bored ,
& I started to twitpic in class !
the next 2 are my examples for boredom .

I bought this to eat in class ,
Cause I was so blur and tired
I almost need toothpicks to makesure my eyes are opened !

Cute ladybug pencil case bought from Daiso .
Kawaii-des ?
Say yes .

& for some reasons .
I think i look very kawaii today .
So I camwhore.

Camwhore at somemore .

& then prepare for the event !

Too long never style alr ,
My skills abit cui off le.

While waiting for Kelly's sms ,
I got bored ,
& draw ribbon on my finger.

& Continue to camwhore.

& see what I received today ?

More interesting blog posts coming up soon !
Hwaiting ,

Got bored again !
So I took my toys out
& play .with . Victoria .
I somemore give her biscuits you know !!!

Who is more cute ?

While uploading pictures justnow ,
I was checking my formspring .
& Was wondering
Why got passer by in my life so boliao one ?
I mean ,
Tell me what you think .
I think the person is brainless.
Totally dont get what the person is trying to get to or conclude.

-.-" i think you got a very big problem. people wrote that they hate you & you reply okay?! forget it, i dont understand why mostly guy like you so much!_|_

Please comment what you think .

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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