Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I dislike

This post is purely random
And its all about your truly.
Which is me.

Idk like recently people are like doing things I don't like.
So hence this post.
I have my reasons okay.
If you really know me dam well,
You would have known all this.

1) Make me wait.
I seriously muthaeffing hate to wait for people .
That's why I'm always late.
That's not all!
I don't like to wait cause I get effing bored
And I will start to effing think of my nonsensical stuff,
k lahs, sorry to those who once bomb called me and I hate like hell.
I hate it when I have to wait
And then everyone will look at me for idk what everytime
While I am waiting for people.
So it kinda annoy me as well.
I mean like I try my very best to reach on time
And don't let me wait for half , one hour
Effing waste time.
I could have stayed at home and sleep
(I'm waiting for someone while writing this post zzz )

2) Disturb me while sleeping
This is like ,
Trying your luck ,

3) Act cute
I'm muthaeffing sensitive to this 2 words .
For closer friends I might just change my face.
Idk lahs.
Just sensitive .
I just don't like the idea that people say I act cute all
I will use walk away.

Another muthaeffing word I hate max!
This phrase/word/whatevery is probably the best way to shut me up in the cyber world chats.

5) Say small words.
I'm not sure if you understand this.
But it simply means to gossip some secrets softly among one another.
Around me ,
And of course wouldn't tell me la!
I muthaeffing hate it max.
I don't like people to say little things like this and don't like me know.
I mean ,
Its human nature to think that the rest is ill speaking about you right???
It makes me feel effing outcasted and unpopular.

6) Say things half way / beat around the bush.
It really annoys me when people tell me things
And they spend the whole hour talking before they get to the main point.
Get to the point people!

And I have a lot of friends they like to say this to me
Friend : eh girl , I got something to tell you
Me : what
Friend : idk if I should say
Me : what
Friend : aiya nvm la nvm la
Me : say la
Friend : don't want la. Nvm nth alr

You think very funny ar?
Its effing irritating can
You want you start and you finish the whole dam story
Or you just shutup.
I don't think I'm the only one that dislike this

7) Public transport
I have truckload of this shit to complain.
As much as I love sbs buses and smrt trains.
There are a certain percentage of commuters out there to make a nuisance
And make lifes diffucult for kawaii nice commuters like me .
Maybe I should create a post of public transport

8) Little creatures
I never like them,
Like insects .
They are omg disgusting max.
They are so yucky and all!

9) Cough and flu
I hate having cough and flu
Cause I will take much longer time to recover then normal people
And , it seems to take forever.
And cough means I will have that weird smell in my windpipe again.
Windpipe right?
(Someone correct me please)
And it takes forever to get it out.
Everytime I get cough
I always seems to cough my lungs out.

10) Smoking
No offence to all my smoker friends
But I really really hate smoking
And I hate to passive smoke
Stop and don't muthaeffing to accompany people for smoke .
Its irritating zzz

You know smoking is cool?
When you walk the route to NYP.
and you smoke.
Its fucking irritating you know!

I hate friends who matchmake for me
Eg :
Friend : you 2 looks compatible . Can stead .
Me. Will give sian face
Friend : do you think one of them would be your boyfriend?one of them like you you know?

sorry. Aku not interested. Zzz
The more you matchmake .
The more irks I get.

I always have problems with food
Therefore I always don't eat cause I scared I vomit.
And I hate it.
I have to depend a lot a lot on the smell of the food
And have to take note on my effing allergies.
So it gets irritating when it comes to eating.

13) Shake leg
I have tons of friends who shake leg!
I don't.
And I hated it.
I always whack friends who are shaking their legs in front of me
This kind of bad habit must get it off.
You can't be shaking your leg in a posh restaurant right?
Disgusting + unglam
See, imma nice friend
And I teaches you how to be more elegant .
Ladylike / gentleman.
Whatevery it is.

14) Tummy
I always have tummypain
Eat also pain.
Never eat also pain
Always throwing tantrums
I believe one fine day.
I will die cause tummy too pain.

I can't think of anymore things I dislike.
So I guess its the end


P/s : purely my personal point of view, no personal attack
P/p/s: you wanna attack yourself , feel free .
P/p/p/s: I type all the words on my blackberry, now my fingers cramp alr.


  1. Haha! I hate smokers too! Damn people polluting the air.... Us second hand smokers suffer more than the smokers themselves! We inhale more toxins than them!


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