Saturday, June 05, 2010

Teacher Day Celebration

Happy Teachers' Day to allll.
If you were to ask me , what do "teachers" mean to me .
I would say that they are people who teaches me value,
Make me gain knowledge, and shape me to who I am today .
Grateful to have all teachers, lecturers, & religion class jiejie &korkor .
In fact, those who taught me stuff ,
Is counted as a teacher to me already .
Including friends.
Okay .
After the long run .
Like idk how many dance rehearsals,
& stuff,
We finally made it into a nice concert.

So ,
Me fiona Yongphong and Hshi Hsing went to Samatha's house to get the masks done.
Damm glittery lor,

Practiced a little of the dance ,
& Sam ask me to do a solo .
Cause might not be able to teach everyone tml.
On the day itself.
We started the day with ACES .
The skipping competition .
Fun :]
The school played songs like
Nobody, and Sorry sorry .
Like omg.

& Lessons .
Amaths then Chemistry.
The school dont allow us to have class parties.
& At least they should inform before hand .
Cause our class catered food,
& yet we ate the food at some random playgroud.
I didnt go for it though.

The concert's up mext .
Practically the whole class went to change and stuff,
& then...

At creativity studio .
aka, holding room .
Snapspot of Erika mei wearing the mask .

After the concert, and everything ended.
Headed to look for people who are looking for me .
& Left the school with Benedict Kor.

He send me to AMK Hub
And we went seperate ways .
After that,
I headed to orchard to shop .
Really love the apparels there,
Shopkeeper also very friendly.
According to facebook ,
He also called Benedict!
My route.
Ion>Heeren>Far East>lostttt>Amk
When I was walking to Heeren .
I saw a ah gua..
Like a real ah gua.
Short hair, no boobs, thick makeup .
& I must say.
Was looking for outer space,
But cant find.
I happily took 162 .
& headed up at idk where.
& the bus driver have to drive me off the bus .

Headed to the other side,
& take 130 back to AMK .
Then headed home .
I didnt buy anything.
Cause I got no cash with me
For IDK what reasons .
Okay .
I ended my day .

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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