Saturday, June 05, 2010


School started,
Didnt really looked forward to it though.

First day of school.
Met Joey in the train .
Walked with her for lessons ,
& met the half of the class.
We were lost !

Find it & quickly settle down .
I learn something new,
Its that ,
You cannot dress like how you want to be ,
You cannt wear like super moe, & dolly looking .

You cannot put ribbons on your hair,
Cause people will laugh at you .
& look at you
& treat you like a freak.
The was my outfit for yesterday.
Taken by my bb so quality sucks.

By the way ,
I saw Peggy , tom and jiajun & bernard !
Which makes me feel so much better,
I couldnt remember peggy's name,
& i asked her who is her!
I regconised her,
But not her name.

Then second day of school .
Saw zhaofa and lingzheng.
Met up with Jeunesse and the rest,
Got a new lappy .
But it got many problems nao.
& Saw yongphong and junjie!
So heartwarming .
Junjie acc me till my number was called by the counter.
Cause of the notebook loan thing,
Endedup i paid by nets,
Full amount .
Diyan sweetheart come over to help me ;]
After school .
Head over to bishan ,
Saw ambi and samantha !
Caught up a bit !
Bought a folder.
& got scammed by the capsule machine
I didnt see properly ,
Inside no more alr.
So , treat it as charity lor .

& kt came my house to sit sit

Webcaming with diyan now.
The end.
Kthxbye .
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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