Saturday, June 05, 2010

Science Centre.

Today was awesome.
I wore a dress.
Like OMG>
Hate it .
The weather was horrible, curse it .
Rain rain please come come.
Didnt have my subway today ,
Due to mad busy scheldue.
The one who went with me to the science centre,
wants to remain as a mystery .
So .
Too bad , I have to respect his decision.
Ya, its a he.
But , I do have more guyfriends then girlfriends.
So , girlfriends no say to remain as a mystery.
Amanda mei was like ,
Really stalking me.
She was texting me when she saw my twit.
I went to the Singapore Science Centre today .
Kinda cool ,
I thought I was the oldest teen there.
But I was wrong
As soon as we reach there,
The stupid movable dinosaur effing scare me .

Bought Tickets ,

& headed to the Da Vinci exhibition first .
That was my main point of visiting the place actually.
People there are just not following the rules given!
Mad disappointing with the kids .
Keep snatching the hands-on with me .
I have no choice but to give in lor .
What to do  ,
I older what .
Visited other parts of the science centre ,
& had fun laaaaaaa.

Took a break .
& watch the videos on the tvs
I told my friend this ,
"See, you make the sharks so poor thing, keep eating them"
"What to do , they already die alr . They kill it alr what, just eat lor. Otherwise wasted. "

This totally remind me of the conversation on thursday .
When we are dining at Mos Burger.
We were like having this sub-topic of the mediacorp artists wedding .
Shawn & Michelle.
Got impression?
Hahas ,
Because during their wedding ,
They did not serve sharkfins .
Due to their passion for diving or something like that.
& Koey like say that
"During my wedding dinner, there's no meat & seafood cause I care for the animals, & marine life. All eat vege. "

Back to main topic .
Headed to the Marine part.
The one I love the most one lor .
There are a kid when I was deeply looking at my puffy fish with my friend
Friend : puffy fish , how to make it puff like that .
Me : Agitate it , you keep banging th water tank . Then will puff up.
Kid : *keep banging the water tank*
Friend :*shocked*
Me : But if its puff up , it will die.
Me & friend : *quickly walk away.*
After everything.
Had my lunch @ 3 plus
@ the mac over there .
After that walk to Intercharge.
& Trained back.
As usual, We started to disturb people .
Friend keep trying to talk into others conversation .
& Purposely knock my head to the door panel.
& when we are alighting .
I nearly fell down in the train .
& when I bus back .
A bunch of retards like playing in the bus .
Totally cant stand it.

Electone lesson .

I have to go  ,
I will edit the post tml .
there's lesson tml .
Can I dont go ?

For the past 3 hours.
Mixed emotions la.
I dont understand what you mean .

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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