Saturday, June 05, 2010

Post grad

Its time for post grad!
After partying hard,
We head down to The Roti Prata House,
In which some idoit called us there,
& put us aeroplane .
From this, I can truly infer that they really wish to be pilots.
Basically , I didnt really enjoy the meal.
Ask me to go ,
Then in the end, you all didnt come ,
(●`・ω・´●) (气)
Jocelyn's boy headed down to meet us,
So nice of him :D

The food okay okay nia leis,
I dont understand why so many go there & eat,
Not very hygiene also !

Do they look like ...
ERmmm .
Doing some advertorials?!
Like 广告明星!

Actually I wanted to show off my nails la ,
Its lady birds one .
Now cannot see alr.
I remove it alr.

Check out Lena's crazy eye~

I swear I totally think that I'm 101% cuter than the original model with this pose.
Confirm chopstamp gurantee!

Aftermath ,
The girls headed back to my house to stayover ,
By the time we all are clean and everything ,
Already 1 plus 2 alr.
Talk talk talk ,
Me & joce slept at 5!
If someone sees this ,
Confirm say I will increase 30% of my chances to get breast cancer.

Jocelyn lor.
So thats all lor!
Tell me what you all want to read in my blog okay?!

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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