Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blog about 6 December 2009
I mad happy .
& its a fruitday day
So fruitful that I thought that I own a farm .
Okay, that's too over.
Trained down for work with koey .
Kaos .
Joke for the day : I forgot that we changed the train alr !
You see ar,
We need to change train at Raffles place,
& we change alr ,
We reach Tanjong Pagar,
& i happily waited for train at the other side ,
& the best part is ,
Koey still blur blur follow me .
Like after one min ?
She ask me where are we ,
What we doing here ,
Then i say need to change train what
& she say , we at tanjong pagar alr.
Finally , I wokeup.

Then I got the shock for the day .
We were walking .
Then suddenly got one uncle walked past me ,
& he nearly drop his things,
His actions was so big
That I got shocked.
Like literacy jump & tio shock .
Headed to the shop.

Today's team : Koey Yui Ringo!

I tie for Yui , Yui tie for Koey .

& Koey .
Ended work at 5 plus.
slackslack slack
& trained down to somerest to have dinner .
Walked around ,
Saw bernard .
Walked to Dhoby Gaut .
Shopped shopped ,
Bused down to Esplande .
Stayed at the rooftop.
There was another band playing for SPH I think /
Waited , & headed to stage door after the concert .
Look for Adrian , & waited for Mr Leng ,
& another Adrian.
I think I should address him as Mr Adrian ,
Cause he very senior .
In term of age la ,
& he seems pro ma .

Makan at Lao Pa Sat with Philwind members & the Thai Band .
I know I bloody miss a good concert .
Adrian's treat!
Actually I drink green tea only ,
I cant even finish a satay lor.
I eat one mouth ,
& gave adrian alr,
You see, my bad eating habit ,
I scare I vommit ma .

Mr Surapol!
& He remembers me!
& i ask him why never go chongboon & teach
& he reply : cause you graduate alr.
& i just smile.
Screw my face in this picture .
Ohya, Adrian took this picture for me
Adrian was the first one to wish him happy birthday .
& I was one of the first ten .
So proud of myself.
Thank goodness ,
My skin is tight enough that I tagged along .
If not , I would have miss out alottttttttttt/

Aftermath, headed home with Adrian .
Cause he drove me back what .
I didnt take photo with Adrian ,
Cause forgot.

That's all ,
Byebye !
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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