Saturday, June 05, 2010

Double Happiness day .

Happy Valentines day to couples
& Happy friends day to the singles.
I thought I would have time to update a zillion posts .
But I was wrong ,
I hardly have time.
This week's about meeting people ,
& catching up with things.
Fashion , Computer, & more things .
I'm back in singapore
& I had a awesome time in Alor Setar .
Flew to Penang International Airport
The flight was like ,
A roller coaster.
Dam get high on board with my aunt.

小舅 came to fetch .
& i was like playing with the custom officer.
Mum forgot the password for the lock
& i have to go in back to the check area to open the bag .
Officer : *open the bag, open the plastic bag inside * whats this ?whats this.
Me : You open lor .
Officer: whats this? whats this ? candy ar ?
Me : *open the plastic bag * should be, you want?
Officer : no thankyou . Happy new year ar.
Me : byebye .
The tone very funny
Cause she gimme that auntie-in-wet-market-talking tone
So i gave her my innocent act cute + blur tone.
& HOME sweet HOME>

The day before CNY ,
Permed my hair .
Ate steamboat.
We had to pray at 12 am
& all of us are suppose to 守岁 。
Which means we cant sleep untill midnight .
After the praying ,
Then fireworks all over the place.
Dam smoky .
I dont have time to video it ,
But i took video of some over things!
Watch and you will know .

Day 1 of CNY .
then slack at home the whole day !
Ate steamboat.
Then went to my mum's friend place,
Had dinner at her house ,
I totall miss her,
Her daughter grew up with me.
& she used to be shorter then me .
& she cook asam laskaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Day 2 of CNY .
Went Haiyat with my parents & xiao jiu .
Had sharkfin , tomyan etc .
Bought a handmade bag .
& siam food for Dinner,
My fave!
I didnt bring my phone and cammy along , so no pictures!
Day 3,
Morning, went to temple by relative to pray .
& head off to Penang International airport .

I flew back to Singapore alr.
Dinner at Auntie May's house .

& i'm dam sad,
I got no Valentine's Day gift .

I shall stop here firsttttttttttttttt,
Bye-bi !
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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