Saturday, June 05, 2010

DHD Continous Days.

The next few days was like meeting friends ,
& slack with them
Like i got 2 3 months didnt see them alr ,
Wednesday ,
Jocelyn woke me up ,
& Met Daryl Jocelyn & tingzhi
To head to Johnson's house .
His house's like a chalet.
Super chalet feel .
We merely sat in his house and talked.
Play cards,

& went to grandfather's place at night .
My grandfather said something like ,
we one year come back one time
Then my dad say ,
Ya lor , just nice , one year.

& i faked that idk abt anything about adrian korkor!
So funneh

Thursday ,
Meet up with Jocelyn and sjb.

Luch at Pizza Hut
& desserts at MOF>
Keep playing with my kanten jelly & japanese dumplings,
Making it utter disgusting!
Slack till dontknow what time.
& sign up for my nebo card
Like finally laaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
Actually I think its quite exp ,
1 year for $20 .
& the most epic one was ,
I told the person this
:" can you dont be so fierce ?"
& he just smile and give shy look .
Cause he say :
Do you want to take a seat
*fierce tone *
Then Jocelyn say he sound so fierce.
So tadaaaaaaaaaaaaah .

Saturday ,
Head to Addy house ,
Slack with Tingwei & irina,
See the pictures and you will know.
The 2 girls came to look for me at popular,
I was reading a book ,
& tingwei just suddenly say .
" You know hor, that angie right . KAOS."
So I turned back .
& we all laugh laugh laugh .
Saw people kissing at the void deck .
So shameless mansxz.

Regarding Sunday ,
Its awesome so i have to seperate it into another post .

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