Saturday, June 05, 2010

Angie Day Celebration 第3章

Yes, still the same day .
But with different people.
Kengteng keep complaining that
She's supposed to be the first person to wish me happy birthday !
& She claims that Clorence's timing is not accurate.

G Force movie screening at 7 .
Like OMG>
Mad busy that day .
School> tuition> Movie.
Firstly , I want to thank Nuffnang for the Movie treat!
Cabbed down to Lido with Kengteng
& like , we are late!
My mum la
Insisted me to cut cake ,eat cake
The cabby was like blur blur one.
Which nearly drove us to a corner.
& The stupid traffic jam!
I think Singapore Governement should encourage all to take public transport.
Save petrol, save money , save Gaia!
Took this when we in the cab

I keep hurry the uncle to drive faster ,
& yet we reach there like, 7?
Mad late lor/
I'm so paiseh,
Cause I made the lady from Nuffnang wait for me
Paiseh oh!

Finally got the tickets
Off into the cinema.

I know, you must be thinking why we took photos in the cinema .
In fact, everyone was doing that,
So we also happily take photos lor.

I think that KT is pure mad lucky to watch movie with me on my birthday!
I didnt know Guinea Pigs uses Facebook!
The story line was like very science kind .
Well, the guinea pigs are cuteeeeeeeeee.
For more info, I think you guys go watch it yourself.
Its quite funny ,
Abit boring also.
Actually we felt a little outcasted ,
Cause like all the other bloggers are like friends,
& know eachother ,
But the 2 of us are like, standing there and rot
Look around and stuff.
Anyways, the movie experience was awesome.
Trained to AMK with KT,
& the smart me ,
Forgot to bring my ezlink card.
Smart boh ?
Guess what happened when we were alighting ?
The train is mad packed
& she goes" e-xe-cute- me"(exucse me)
And people around us was like .
"Ohmy fuck"
Idk why that phrase ,
But interestly interesting
Stomach gave me problems .
& got no choice but to cab home from AMK Central
Cause I cant take it anymore.
Headed home and eat medicine.
p/s : Its the first time I watch movie on my birthday .
p/p/s : People at the movie dam dao lor. -.-
p/p/p/s : Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the day .

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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