Saturday, August 01, 2009

Councillor Investiture 2009 年制。

Oh like finally.
I have alot to blog.
Ms tan's farewell party.
& my daily life.

But now,
We shall go into the most important thing for councillors.
I mean like, the most honoured moment.

So, this wednesday was
The 8th Student Council Investiture.
& we step down .

I have nothing much to say .
Just captions here & there
& some words.
ZF took the pictures are me .
But idk why its all very blur.
Somemore using anti-shake camera.
This is the best I can get alr.
I mean the best out of the best.
Because of this event.
I went to borrow camera from my aunt
Cause I know i will never get to get the pictures.
So better 靠自己。

Let the pictures do the talking yea ?

Before the investiture start,
One finally last round.

Start already .

Juniors walk in & take their seats.

& we walked in .

We took our certicates,
& I bloody teared.
& we did alot of weird stuff actually.
Just that no one knows about it.

ZhenKhan's speech.

Exchange of badges.(only for the top 6)

Exchange of roses.

& the sec3 step up.

Taking the Vow.

The sec3& sec4 headed to the meeting room for phototaking & refreshments.
While on the way there.
I took photos with ....



Mrs Menon ask Zhaofa & Daryl to give a speech .
Like, wow.
Less than a min or so ?

Daryl givin

Miss Ho.

& my lovely rose,
FYI> I dont like roses.
I love Lavender.

Jocelyn Dear.

DuckHo was nice enough to take food for me .
Love eclairs.

With Mrs Menon , Mdm Tay,
Mr Wong, Mr Mike.

Sec4 ft sec3.

Okay, let me camwhore la.
This is the last time I'm gonna wear a blazer.
Be it band or student council.

Jocelyn dear and me .

DuckHo & me.

Roses are red.
I think that we are really quite good at poses.

What? dont believe?

Watch it!

Joce ,Johnson , Daryl,&I .
Took this photo for a reason okay .
I'm not telling you .
Its a surprise.


Belive alr?

I shall end the post with my lovely sweetheart.

p/s : Photo credits to zhaofa, duckho, & those who help .
p/p/s : Jiayous to all sec3 councillors.
p/p/p/s : I didnt enjoy the investiture though, but great work juniors!
p/p/p/p/s : Thanks for your tempation yeas?
p/p/p/p/p/s : Stop acting & behaving like a saint.

Bye peeps!
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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