Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wonder Days

I know that I'm somehow neglecting my blog.
Ps la,
I wanted to wait for Jiewei to send me the AYG Photos
Then blog at a go .
But , I think ,
There's quite alot to post .
So , I decided to post in different post.
& the pictures are effing big.
Jiewei is still sending me .

Okay .
Last Sunday was
A Beautiful Sunday .
Many familar faces.
Tutors tutoring our band ,
Played several solos.
& its superb !
Esp. Flight of the bumble bee.
Like , OMG>
Tough mansxz.
&&& Mr Marcus's solo was kinda cute.
Seeing the whole band including Mr Chiang like
"Falling asleep"
Love the singing part.
Style laaaaaaa!

Kengteng came to my house .
Then bused down to Hougang .
For Duck Ho lor.
Bought this lime green drink/
Its Lemon Honey .
But it tasted as though there's no honey.

Trained down to City hall ,
& meet the rest.
I took a picture with KT,
But I forgot to upload it .
Next time okay?

Dined at Pasta Mania after that.

Kt's food.

Started to kinda shop after Dinner.
& trained back to AMK.

In order to sit, on the priority seat.
We came out with this!
Emmanuel sitting on Edwin's leg.

Me & KT wore the same shoes.

Its now happily with my Hp.

I sosososososo want the full set la.

Headed to Koi Cafe with KT.
To get MILK TEA!
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& We are allowed to have recess in the classrooms.
Love recess in classrooms.
We had the AYG thingy on the same day .
(Next post)
Went to the Band Room .
& My dear Vigi helped my sign out glock.
& went for lunch with Joce & Jinling at AMK Hub.
& me and joce bought KOI Cafe's Milk tea.
Muacks! xoxo.
I personally like a fan of the milk tea there.
Like effing nice cans?!
Like , addictive.
Ermm , maybe that's because.
I love to drink Milk tea.
& somemore they open a branch at AMK>
Which makes it even more convience for me to get milk tea.
Love them!
& headed home.
Mind you .
I'm carrying glock ,& walking around okay?

Tuesday .
Studied with Clique at the library .
Lena taught me maths.

See number 3.
I saw alot of people not reading library materials .
Why not chased out?
& somemore got people playing dota in the library
The clicking of the mouse, is effing irrititating.
Ask them to shutup then continue to play .
Like dam bitch .

Got OMO on wed .
& went home together with Kengteng sweetheart.
& did something bad to duckho.

Thursday .
Pepper lunched!
Loves Salmon .
Study at library .
Saw Kuanleng .
& met Amanda jie .
I went to pass her the bag .

O'level chinese oral.
I screwed my conversation .
Idk what's padang in chinese.
The passage was rather easy .
Went to Kel's house to take scores,
& talk.
Headed homeeeeeeeeee.
Opened my baby to play .

& CJC called me down for auditions .
Like wtfffffff.
End up also never go .
Let's not talk about it .

Today was tuition ,
& rot.
Throw a tantrum,
Was really pissed with things.

p/s : Photo credit:Kengteng.
p/p/s : I really love Koi Cafe's Milk tea.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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