Friday, June 26, 2009

I know you miss me .
& blahhhhhh>
Go and flame me as you wish

Anyways, this is

Wednesday .
We had lessons
Last day !
So , I decided to head down to Ringoya
For my Strawberry news.

Lunched at CBM , with clique.
Ohya hor!
I thought we are banned from that place?

& it startd to rain .

Ps,it was so ugly that I've to do this .
First time in my blog.
I promise it wouldn't happen again !

I didnt eat,
Due to poor appetite.(哭)
So I surf the net with Lena's iTouch .

Access to my blog through Lena's iTouch.

Bused down to Town.
With Diyan Jocelyn & Lena.
& I mean like BUS DOWN.
Like, booom ,
It was so cold that Diyan wanted to tape the aircon thing
Toilets are the best place to camwhore,

Le-fuuuuuuuuuuuu, (爱)
Shopped & walked ,
All the way to POMO>

Lena wants the bag I like/ the one we saw at Far East,
Haisx, its okay la,
Anyways I'm not buying it .

Reached POMO.
Everyone keeps complaining about the distance.
Makes me a little sad laaaaaa.
& Chatted with Grace a little.
Miss her like hellokitty sia.
& my nest visit there is 3weeks later.
Then I will post details about the shop & stuff.
I talked to her alr ,
& yaaaa.

Cookies from Sanrio.
Pissed with my picture?
Chill first laaaaaaaaaaa.

战利品 from Daiso.

战利品 from Ringoya.

Cookies inside , & purse.


Hello kitty metal ruler.

I was asking Diyan to move,
& somemore shoot at those lukus in the mrt station.
"MRT got draw lines what. Must stand at the side ma , must be considerate what. Stupid ar!"
Then I saw one guy standing next to Diyan was like.
Blushing , in guilty I guess.
Then he slowly move to the side .
We board the train .
& Started to shoot at those inconsiderate ones again .
Like OMG>
One uncle, in seventies
I think ,
Like standing alllllllll the way from Dhouby Ghat to Bishan or Braddell.
& those lukulukus just sit there and sleep ,
On the PRIORITY SEATS somemore.
The train was packed,
Otherwise I would ask that bimbo to give out the seat.
One sleeping, one playing with phone.
Dont look like locals.
Jocelyn got scratched by some lukuluku when alighting

& the bags.
See, I finish packing alr!
& there's a handwritten note
Written by meeeeeeeee.

I went to school at 9 .
Hello ,
9Leis .
& met Diyan & lena outside school.
Had my haircut & went to meet the girls.

While the girls are heading down from Vivo to Bugis.
I started playing with the trains
I have time to kill.
I should have brought something to study mansxz.
& I style my hair in the train. =.=
& I lost my way too .
hahas .
What i did.
Train from
Like , I went to the wrong side of the MRT Platform.
& I have enough time to go toilet,
& curse people at the MRT station.
If you read my twitter ,
& follow me like damm close.
You should know yea?
That's why ask you to follow me on Twitter whatttttttttt.

You must be thinking .
"You got cut hair meh ?No diff"

Before .

After, :{

Met the girls.
Lunched@ Mos Burger.
Hearts Milk Tea.
Like effing hungryyyy.
Walked to Rochor Centre.
To get Michelle's stuff.
I saw Waihtoo look alike.
But its not him .
I confirmed .
Iluma's toilet.

Miao's sister, Miaoxian ,Michelle, Angie.

Like when we like pulling the 'hiden' door to the toilet.
Mic : Girls toilet or Boys toilet.
*pull the door*
Some guys overhead & replied us .
Boys : I'm a girl.
& they keep repeating .
`If you are one of them ,
& you are seeing this, Say hi .

Send Miaohui to mrt station,
Saw Cherie too
She waved at me ,hugs.
`Talk to you soon babe!
Headed to HajiLane to walk .
Ranted to the girls about my recent stuff too .
Like I need a break.

loves the sky.

&Arab Street too.
Mic bought stuff for her friend .
& I didnt manage to find what I want.
I really dontlike those Seshaaaaaaa restaurants.
They just seems to irk me .
& I saw those people having sesha.
It really scares me .
After exploring that place.
Trained to City Hall,
& send Miaoxian to her bf.
& trained back with Mic.
Bought something .

Handphone strap.

Today' like 事事不顺, 一直找不到我满意的东西。

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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