Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singapore Flyer ; 12 June 2009

Yes yes
Finally , Angie is posting about the flyer trip .

We started our day with our SS Class in school
With Ms Sasi .
Diyan & I went to Hub to buy my lunch .
& headed home .
Eat , sleep & do work
& Prepare to go .
Met Diyan at AMK Mrt station .
Train down tgt
As usual We late alr lor .
Jinling waiting for us @ CityHall MRT Station .

Walked to Flyer .
& Gossiped along the way .

No intentions to take Diyan
But, she went into the picture somehow.

We finally walked & reached there.
Last friday , was me& diyan's
28th Month Anniversary .
& we bloody decided to go flyer.
Cause ,
28 Capsules,
28 min ride.
(See, less than halfan hour ride)

Decided to go with our "third party "
Ms Cheng Jin Ling .
& we decided to go in semi formal

Grand Happiness.

Walked in & purchased our tickets first.
Kiasu ma .

Ohohoh .
I saw this Orang Utan
& decided to take photo with it

We went to the Yakult Rainforest
To snap pictures.

Showoff-ing photography & modelling skills.
No la,
Ehhhh, my effing fat legs

Build a bear workshop
Cant take photos,
But Idc!
Thus , photo quality not good.

I got overly excited with the kitty heads.
Glam bags, & Kitty bags
We saw bear's panties & boxers.
Diyan's considering buying the boxer for
Clement Tia, my mouse.
The panties are kitty ones.
& she got high over the hawaiian bear suit.
While Jinling just laughed at us.

Nothing to do actually .
Walk around
& decided to take pictures again.

Around six,
We board in .
& continue snapping.


After zilianing inside the toilet ,
We finally gonna board the flyer .

& guess who we met ?

Took the GR8 Moment picture together
Will post tml .
Its in my desktop.

Waiting to board the capsule....

& Kaboom.
Inside the Capsule already

I took & bloody edit it because ,
They are no swirls in the water.
Any answers for that ?

Me & Valen

Terence , busy shooting for his coursework

Flyer mates.

Intergated Resort.
Somehow it manages to blend into the surroundings.

Good times end fast.
Come out alr laaaaaaa.

After everything ended ,
We took this picture.

Three Musketeers

Headed to meet them also .
Shock-ment :D
Help them take the group photo
& walked to Bus stop in a group
Big group.

Valen caught us unprepared!

We bused down to Esplanade tgt.
& went seperate ways after we reach Suntec
No choice ,
& we dined at Pizza Hut (again)

Jinling's drink

& home sweet home .Photobucket

Lefuuuuuuuu this picx .

p/s : Pardon my face please.
p/p/s : All the rawest , uneditted & more photos are in my wretch album.
p/p/p/s : Please effing comment okay ?

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)


  1. So spastic :x
    especially that 'act cute' pose of me
    & seriously, im gna get clement the boxers :D

  2. Lol? OMGosh.
    I didnt know that the day that i didnt go had so many people went with you. Wow.

  3. ehehe! my photo of the flyer! you took !!!!! Dont credit under your url leh :/


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