Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm freaking pissed la .
Underage :{
& cant go party@Arena.
Should I go for the guided tour ?
Cant watch movie & hangout tml .

Anyway .
We had a gathering today .
I wokeup @ 1220 .
& take my own sweet time to prepare.
Headed to AMKHub
& go popular to buy my tys.
But the person say .
Like wtffffffff,
June alr leis .
Tcher Darice sure say they bomb me agains .
So, anyone got past year Chem tys can gimme or sell me
Please quickly inform me .
Arigato .
Rushed down to meet Jeeyong & everyone la .
Jeeyong was the organiser .
Bad planning .
Lunch @ Sumo House .
With Michelle, QianYing ,Jeslyn & JY .
While the guys skip meals & play lan .
Watched Terminator Salvation
Sat next to Michelle .
& I keep talking to her .
Walaos, effing colddddddddddddddd laaaaa!
We all are bloody freezing alr .
After movie,
Took a group photo.
Thanks Siti Nasuha.
Lucky I met her there
& she helped me with this photo .

Me, Ade , KY,QY,Miao,Michelle

Michelle & I

MiaoXian & I.
` Gonna hangout soon ya!

Me & Khaiyin .
Pretty right she .

Me & Adeline.

Me & QianYing.

Wait for Audrey to come...

Me & Naughty Audrey
`I dont care, you cover I will still post it up

We headed for dinner at pizza hut .
But I got this 1 for 1 deal .
Something I found it my bag .
Ordered the food & stuff
Aud&I went to fetch Edward.
Which i totally cant rmb who.
& I ask him if he sure that he's in our class.
* embarrassing*
Just nice , can eat when we were back
The service at amk branch's pizza hut is damm slow la!

Eat untill damm full .
Keep talking about the past.
& those bad days we had & stuff.
Like , names Jan. gave those she dislikes.
Her disiaos , how she disiao & bully us. & how childish we were .
How we dontlike eachother & stuff.
Well, Bad blood drys over the years.
& there's nothing wrong with all of us alr.

I got curfews
& I cant join them playing pool.
Though I suck at it .
I'm willing to learn .
Who's willing to teach me ?
Aiyo, I scared malu maaaaaaaaaaa!

Next outing will be after O's.
& we are going to ECP .
Dontknow do what, & play pool.
Cause , at the end of the year ,
Everyone will be 16.

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