Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh my darlings ,
You people doesnt seems to like me isit.
Never tag & also never comment me
Hurt me to a great extent you know .
Follow me on Twitter !
Its on my sidebar.
I will try to update there as much as possible ,
Whenever I'm online & stuff.
I will get a phone with Wifi asap .

I can update twitter through sms-ing alr
So Follow me on twitter okay ?
Muack Muacks

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)


  1. Hello, commented.
    Oh popye the sailor man, toottoot.!

  2. Kengteng: I miss you like hell you know anot!

  3. Haihai, i missed you a lot too !
    Gotta go out soon, hehheh . :)


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