Friday, June 05, 2009

First week of holidays.


I'm back .

Monday was my Chinese Olevel paper,
So nothing much happen .
Just that I fell sick .
Vomit & vomit.

The rest of the week were tighted down by lessons
In the morning,

was a bit better.
Xiaoli's bday !
She made herself a card.
The Percussion section
(Including me & emmanuel)
Bought her a cake .
Mango+ fruits .
The whole section met up before band & after sec4s lessons
& Go buy cake together .
I guess she was quite surprised.


Stayed abit for band prac,
Alvamar Overture , Arisio.
Whatever the spelling is .
I did sightread the mallets for A.O.
& nth else.
Seriously, I suck at drums.
& left with Diyan & emman
for desserts at Cbm .
& I saw my dear shyshy friend too.

Mixed emotions.
Physics class~
Love it .
Ohya, I saw Mr Bala.
I mean we all saw.
He even waved to us,
When we saw him at the bus stop .
Had pepperlunch
With Jocelyn , Jinling & Lena.
I know i noob,
I first time eat pepper lunch .
I was always 'chased away' by the smell it produce
& I thought that they only sell beef

Aftermath, we went to toilet,
& talked.
& laughed,
Jinling's damm funny .
Met Diyan & erika ,
&I left home
While the rest went to accompany Lena make specs.

I'm sorry .
I should have met you after that.
Then, all those wouldn't happen.
Hope your friend is fine alr.

Thursday .
I was nearly late for Chemistry class.
I really dislike some of my classmates.
Went to Central with Jinling & erika after class.
Ate with Jinling , at kfc.
Erika left early .
Walked around ,
& gossiped.
Went home & slept.
Electone in the evening .

Friday .
Which is today .
I was super duper early today .
& thus, I met clique at CBMac.
They everyyear ban us,
But we every year still go there & eat.
Lessons were slack
.Finished up the chemical practicals.
Ammonia sucks big time .
The smell is atrocious!
hahas .
Ms Sasi's english & SS cancel.
No amaths class also ,
Mrs Lee not free.
So we got 1.5hours of break before we goes for Emaths class.
& Mrs Teo is getting more & more kawaii!

Went central ,
Bought Green Milk tea from KOI Cafe.
The 店员, 帅哦!
Went popular
& did my favourite thing.
Its so outdated.
I cant find the newest copy .
Daryl came to find us too .
JinLing & I went back to Hub
To take bus .
I need to go back school
I just dont understand how the full set of original scores can go missing .
I wanted to take my letter & go ,
But it wasnt ready yet .
So I just left school .
Met MR ATROCIOUS! // Benjamin ,
& walked around .
& homed.

Click on my Nuffnang ads oh .
Arigato! (∩_∩)


  1. Your letter's with me, both DPA & DSA. she gave, when band end -.-

  2. Oh, okay ! Faster do ya? PEI ME GO DSA. :D

  3. I cant DSA, my results like not 55 %


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