Monday, May 04, 2009

Love makes the world go round

Like everyone 都在谈恋爱。ニヤ

Irina & Terence are role models ,
Idk how long alr , & still counting .
Hweeyoung& fenny .
&The Superhuman couple .
I shall not name names .
I love 来~i love去 ~,
Idk why still dontwant to stead.

& My precious kor,
In process of jioing a new 大嫂
Wahahahaha .

Diyan got her super cool stage thing in her blog .
Too free ah her .

Hello .
I know you peeps are not fond to seeing my retarded face everytime I start my post .
SO ,
Let's see what I did yesterday .
Religious in the morning .
I went to temple to pray .
I hope I can go for religious class soon .
I miss the jiejies there.
Bused with Hub .
To sumohouse for lunch .
& I trained down to Bugis ,
All by myself .
Went to the new shopping mall.
Nothing to say ,
Cause I got nothing to buy.

Then went to street to buy my stud.
Went back to the 哥哥。
Cause he will gimme discount ma .
I bought my bear from that shop .
He let me into the shop to see the other designs
Where nonworkers can go in
Unless you wanna pierce ear la.

You wanna know why I can go in
Cause I show him my bear stud ,
(which is on my ear)
Then he gladly let me in
You shouldbe asking why .
Ans : Cause , the studs there are sorta limited,
& the boss(s) made them themselves .

& He remembered my stud .
I love people who remember me.

& of all shopes,
Why Angie likes to go there ?
Cause got discounts ma .
Nola ,
Cause the studs are limited pieces,
Which I like is to a great extent .
Which means that I wouldnt see people wearing same studs as me
Or at a very low percentage
& compared to the other shopes I 've seen .
I think that this shop
Their studs are really of quite good quality at a rather cheap price.
& friendly people.

Name of my new stud .

Kawaii des ?

I left bugis & went esplanade.
Library to study .
Love that place .
However ,
If you not filled with 艺术细胞,
I think you shouldnot go .
Like yesterday
They got this scared music thingy.
Like Classical music in Bali or something .
Quite nice la.
Cause like mallets ma .

Like finally ,
DuckHo trained down to meet me .
Dinner at PizzaHut .
Haisx broke.
I bloody decided to drink Hot Chocolate,
Which bloody have NO bloody taste.
& make me bloody angry laaaaas!
I bloody dontlike the service there.

Headed to meet Joey &Selina for the concert.
Very nice ,
Esp the trumpet solo .
Was rather short compared to the usual ones.
We have some inner talks
Which really make me lmios .
Meet Mr Chiang to pass his the money after the concert.
Then I ask Mr Chiang , where is Adrian .
Cause I looking for him ma .
Mr Chiang look at me ,
Mr Chiang :“ Which Adrian ? 你前面就有一个”
Me : " Mr Chong"
Then I cant rmb what happen la .
I think Adrian called me or something la.
See see see ,
its so not used to calling him Mr Chong la.
Oh .
So we went to stagedoor area to find him .
Like finally ,
He finally lend me his Koizora.
I borrowed from him last year.
& He keeps forgetting .
well, old people.
Haha .
Had a little chat
& went off .
He was busy with his students as well .
Somehow , his gf was hiding -.-
I couldnt find her .

Today was basically wrong
First ,
I was late for school .
Due to the rain .
& I got detained.
Cause I got flu & cough .
Me & diyan poke Lena during physics class,
& she screamed& junped.

I went insane after lunch.
Ambiga's laughter make me turn siao .
I went to say Hi to tingwei ,
After mylesson+chineseoral ended .
Bused home with Kengteng sweetheart.
Soon , she will not be my sweetheart alr ,
She will be someone's super.
Dammsad .


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