Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I am such a good girl .
& that stupid saikit say im not
Heck .
Lessons are like damm cute la.
Wednesday always seems to be the shortest day of the week .
Cause I will have to get home superduper early.
MYE starts this friday.
I was thinking if I should head down to town
& get my stationeries ,
OR .
Should I stay at home & watch Koizara .
For a few hours of studybreak?

Now, as I am blogging .
People upstairs are banging & poking holes into the walls .
& people like me needs my beauty sleep .
The bloody thing is that ,
there is no notice of revonating work downstairs at notice board area,
If its gonna continue when I reach home ltr .
I'm gonna call the Town Council alr .
tsk .

Ohya ,
I saw a freaking giant ant just now.
Its like a thumb sized ?

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