Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yawns .
I'm dam tired now .
Tml's speech .
& Many showcases laaaaaaaaaaas,
I'm gonna have a solo electone performance ,
In which i got informed last thursday
When I was at home .
& Meeting the electone .
Being friends with it ,
my goodness,
Now even one week yet.
The pedals are 时好时坏
& everytime I play is different arrangement .
Stayed in school till very late.
Due to speech's day.
All was tired,
Lie down , & look at the stars.
Heartwarming I can say .

So what did we go?
We stayed behind & tie this

Why so late then end ?
We like 6.30 then start work .
We had to sort the paper,
Sort it into the hardpaper,
& tie.
& Check.
5 people. & we finish 184 +++ pieces in 1.5 hours.
Plus slacking in between,
Cause we had to wait for the papers to be printed.
So .
What me & claudia did was ?

Howling wind last night .
My room was along the corridor.
When I off my com .
& Heard some noise from my mummy's plants.
I thought there are bulgary or some thieves in the neighbourhood.

Then , I opened the door.

I was !@#^&$%& shocked,
The sky's so red laaaaaas,
I thought it was dooms day alr.
Because I still got alot of things I haven accomplished.

See, Mummy's plant fall from the cabinet.
So poor thing.

I see the sky so red
I want take photo.
But the sand ...
So I wore specs to block dust.
The trees like dancing like that .
Too bad,
My 3.2 megapixel phone cannot shot it down .
That's why I need a cameraaaaaaaaaaaa.
I want one digital one,
So that I can bring it everywhere I go .
& one professional one .
So I can have photoshoots.

This fella came into my room
& ask me to carry her when 我在练琴

Kang Hwee Young.
Na, my hubby electone .
cant see the pedals,

I haven pack my stuff yet.
Shit shit shit shit.

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