Friday, April 24, 2009

Speech day was yesterday .
Very busy day .
This is the most meaningful & most memorable speechday
I had in my secsch life la.
Reason being because,
1. I first time get award.
2. I was very busy
3. I had electone solo. (first time)
4. I didnt play for parade.
5. Last show for my band life.
6. Last band practice.

She wore my specs.

8 plus then the band performed

See, that's the thing .
Friends can help to take photo!

Photocredits : Daryl Jiu .
Arigato ! *hugs

Guess what we did?
Me&Diyan had a chat with Jasmine& Mrs Ng.
Jasmine : the first band major for our band.
Headed up to the band room .
To enjoy aircon .
No la ,
Headed up to join the rest.
Ofcourse is camwhore laaaaaaas.

Cutting hair tml I guess.
Damm sad .
I sec4 alr,
Still cannt go cut hair myself.

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