Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just ended call with dearest.
Are you jealous ?
Keep sneezing & sneezing like hell.
& he say I make his nose itchy .
No Doubts, Imma nice person.

Today was great.
Too many surprises.

Supposed to meet Kengteng
But argh .
Ended up meeting her at 7-11 bus stop >
Bought my milktea.
Left for school for meeting.
Went for physics.
Thanks penguin for helping me get my workshop .
Sat with dearestests.
Chat while copying the notes.
Didnt go for english laaaas.
I didnt even bring a single paper about english .

So headed to banddddddddd.

Lunch .
My blood was stilllll boiling ,
Thus , I ate half a little packet of the chili in the nasilemak.

Shock 1 :
Vigi shocked me & fenny with Kai & Ruki.
She suddenly say that Kai is cute .
I still love Reita .
Super kawaiinehs .
Me & fen was like eating .
& like stunnnnnnnnnnnn.

Band .
Its super cute la.
Those rhythm exercises are like Amaths log qsns.
So easy , yet challenging .
Told Vigi stuff
& I'm glad that she understands how I feels.
(Unlike my dearest.)
Ended & went for dinner at
Sumo Houseeeeeeee!
With AddyDuck , Clorence & vigi.
When was the last time I went there?
I cant rmb alr.
Ate. & talked.
Need to exercise,
So walked around hub
My favourite activity

Shock 2 :
My dear Clorence tell us that the who jio-ed her.
The three of our faces changed.

Stunned .
Very stunned.
Talked about how 红 are we.
Clorence dont believe that I was only 红 after sec1 .
Because I was pampered by seniors.

Shock 3 :
I told them some top sercet.
& Vigi say she's shocked.
But they looked calm.
Which make me kinda shocked.

Shock 4 :
I saw Adeline at AMK HUB.
& I saw her at tuitionplace's void deck .
When I saw her going to FairPrice
& they 3 of us leaving that place .
& how can she reach faster than me ?

Tuition .
& like that lo .
Went home.
Keep sneezing during tuition .
There's sound check tml .
Gonna go sleep .
Tml need to reach school early also .

I need a gooooooooooooooood massage.
I joined Mr Daisuke Shimizu's Fan Club!

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