Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi .
Band & band la.
Soundcheck @ SCH today .
Stupid Ronald's friend shockd me laas.
Suddenly when the idk what band came down
His friend suddenly ask
" Where's Angie? "
*Give blur face*
Then obviously I will go & look at the person
Who's looking for me right
I'm like .
Do I know you.
Then I saw that madcow .
In his DOMO shirt
We show him our DOMO.
Ronald : my section's domo cute right ?i bet you are jealous.
& i didnt owe you lo. The answer is not out yet!
Soundcheck .
I loveeee the instruments there .
& saw fredy /
I thought he dont want us anymore
I can sensed that SCH also affected by the recession.
It was super hot when we are like waiting lo.
Somemore charge 1hr $900

AddyDuck say that reading my blog
Like play Charades .
FYI :Charades is 比手画脚。
One of the games the band often plays.
Like telematch la , blahblah.
& he say I kill brain cells.
Oh please la ,
Must kill the old one ,
New one then can produce whatttt.
Then can become smarter .
No wonder he didnt take biology .

How I wish Singapore have 4seasons .
Then can be like Japan liaos .
I dont know what can I say .
& HelloKitty, Sanrio giftgateeeeee .

I'm tired .
There's disinfection of band room tml yo !

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