Sunday, March 15, 2009

“I'm thinking of you , 我有你真好...”

Chatted with st yesterday night /today morning .
I told him that I got bullied in class.
He's super unhappy about it.
Today was crap la.
Then 小帅 birthday.
Went sanyee house .
& cabbed home hours later .
Saw Valen& Carmen .
& the couple walkedpass me.
Being very surprised I guess .

Sadly ,
I got no evidence to support my source/ inference.
I need to study .
Look at how busy I am .

Mon: Lessons,Band,Tuition
Tues: Lessons, band
Weds: Lessons , Band
Fri: Band.
Sat : Band ,electone
Sunday: Shop for things.

& to be cfm
Out with , dearest,STkor, Saikit, 2echo!
& more..

But its okay.
I can do it .
Yesterday , fredy rejected our call.
Which make us super sad .

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