Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hi, I'm back .
Current mood: Moody .

I was like supposed to meet Fenny at 630 today .
But I wokeup at 630 instead.
Sorryyyyyyyyyyy .
Chiong down to meet her .
Didnt eat at Mac.
Sick & tired of it alr
Bought waffle .
& milo from mac .
I think its fucking expensive.
We headed to the badminton court outside school .
Got one uncle came to talk to us .
& there was this china man.
Fenny taught him how to read .
& vehicle.
But he endedup saying ,
& the old uncle say Singapore was under mao ze dong.
I always thought that we were under British .
Daryl open the door for us .
Band band & band .
The band room felt like North/south pole.
Headed to hub with Fenny & Addyduck
Went watsons to buy tissue & wet tissue.
& Popular to buy finger stamp .
bought soyabean
& bused home ,
Makan .
Chatted with my sweetest.
& went to sleep .
Pull myself up ,
with loads of strength .
& had electone .
Webcamed with Gwen gwen .
(Adrian sister)
She's super cute laaaas,
Cause dearest called me .
& she ask adrian why I talked to my boyf & dontwant talk to her .
She's super cute.
Love her to the max!

Look at her fat & stupid brother .
I still love her la.
& she say she loves me
Happy untill I burst.
She complained to me that
Her stupid brother whacked her everyday .
In which her stupid brother say that its fake .
Yet < I chose to trust her
I'm sucha nice sister.

Dearest say that I'm very vain .

I was moody justnow la .
But after talking to Gwen
& I'm alrights alr.

My electone playing is deproving ,
Coping with band , studies , electone, friendship & beauty sleep .
Gosh, thank god I dont have a boyf.

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