Monday, March 02, 2009

Hello .
Stupid allergies.
& ya .
Pe nearly killed me .
Waa, I'm like half dead alr .
Physics the best.
But I'm also the best.
I forgot to bring home textbook .
Electrostastic .
I think me & lena are gonna drive Mrkoh crazy
Physics is fun okay
There's so many unknown answers.
Blahblahblah .
See ar,
I practice the Habits of mind okay .
: Thinking with wonderment & awe.
Got to know what happen to our cute merlion
So did a little research .
Whatever its called.
Photo & text credits to straitstime.

A lightning bolt struck the Merlion statue at about 4.30pm yesterday.

The national icon at One Fullerton facing the Singapore River

lost part of its top left mane and is believed to have its right ear chipped.

About 20 to 30 people nearby, including tourists, ran helter-skelter in the pouring rain when debris from the Merlion's head went flying.

Some ran to safety in the nearby shops and cafes.

The fragments fell onto the patio at One Fullerton and the Singapore River Cruise counter near the Merlion.

Nobody was hurt.

& now,

Our dear merlion is "Caged"

Its like .
Who will bloody think that the merlion will actually got strike by lightning .
Thank god, no one was injured.
But I think ,
The government had already expected it la.
I still love Merlion .
Isit this even more stylo .
The tourists got more cool & interesting story to share with their friends ,
Back in their hometown .

I love school life.

Formed by the white light
Spectum - physics.
Where's the pot of gold(?)

Jinling's maths ws.
London & Singapore.
London - aeroplane & london's eye
Singapore- aeroplane & merlionnnnnnn.
Why not Singapore Flyer ?
So many things not done,
& actually I have alot of things to blog about .
But I just forget on my way back home .
Diyan sweetheart didnot come to school today .
Get well soon .
According to lena ,
She is having a severe headache
& she's gonna faint anytime .
Love you laaaaaaaaaaaas.

Maths OMO test on wednesday .
sorry for that,
But ya .

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