Friday, March 06, 2009

Actually this is taken last week .
But I want to upload it leis .

I am Angie .
School was alrights today .
Just that ,
I was weird , & fragile today .
I'm so so so sorry that I didnot blog for
SOOOOOOOOo many days la.
I rock.
Class Jokes are damm hilarious.
Magic treats & class fights.
Love it.

Today's Theme : Family Planning.
Yesterday night .
Someone talked to me about Family Planning .
Okay la,
Family planning is good though ,
Somehow .
Bused&Walked to school
With Kengteng sweetheart ,
I didnt mean to PS her everytime after band & such laaaaaaaa.
Chiong to councillor room .
Late for duty .
As Usual .
Duty with "Jaychou" & Penguin .
I recieved a msg from penguin last night ,
With I only saw it this morning ,
In the bus somemore,
That's why I'm late.
Lucky the parade square is wet.

Eh ms chew..u later doing duty with jaychou..No need to thank me for e early information..Hahas..Nite..
In which,
I already slept .
See, I'm sucha good girl.

Jaychou is actually Valen la.
Just because he sang during CNY Celebrations.
So after duty ,
Chatted abit while walking back to class.
So I asked him about his relationship status la.
Me & penguin were in pure innocent mindset lo .
That Valen go ruin his own mindset & market.
& here we go about FamilyPlanning.

Lessons ,
Then Yick talked to us about her auntie .
Great family planning la.
Then paper chat with leemei .
& here go we about family planning agains.

After school .
Headed for band .
Sectionals outside agains,
Because there's Physics OMO
The weather bloody hot.

Taken during break .
I must tell you this,
Clorence ar,
Is more siao than me & vigi .
She is a product ,
Madness value = (Vigi+ Angie) Madness .
So, she is super siao .
& Cute thing is ,
We two last time from Dance one.
Blahblahblah .
Saw Kel on the way home ,
Then talked for one hour plus .
band stuff& co .
Fenny threathened him,
With him in his sexy fbt .
& we know Juicy Lil Gossips!
Talked about Backstabbers,
Heao people, & other things la.
Funnnnnnn .
Very tired,
& I needa wakeup early tml .
Breakfast & band .
Tml no poaaaaa.

I miss band practices that starts at 2.20 .
& I got so many many things to do .

This love is diffucult , but its real.
&i'm falling for you.

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