Monday, February 02, 2009

Yesterday's storytell.

Was awaken by SengJun's call in the morning.
Wakeup & washup .
Did homework .
Had Misc. stuff.
& Sanyee bought Ayden over to our place.
Played with him
Sanyee taught him the wrong thing .
hello kitty monster (?)
Hello Kitty very PEACE one .
& had Yusheng Tossing
Gonna have another one soon for band (?)
Okay .
Went out with aunt
To train & meet P5 classmates.
I was like late for half an hour .
But I wasnt the lastest.
I was not able to recognise like 4/6 of the guys .
Alvin& Jeeyong grown taller..
Marcus & YewTheng become more shuai (?)
ZhiHao & Sherman still the same.
Zhihao's still as joker.
Dine at Carl's.
Didnt eat much .
Very exp.
Me & Mic & Xinying seating damm good.
We eat & watch Xiao Niang Re at the same time .
Free show .
Walked around awhile
& caught movie : Bride wars.
Whatever the spelling is .
Rate it : 4/5
Quite nice .
Quite hilarious.
MiaoXian left after the movie.
& Miss Ngo treat us ice creammmmmmm!
So, walked to Swensens
& had earthquakes .
Miss Ngo ordered 2.
One for the guys & one for the girls.
Snapped pictures.
Trained with QianYing & Xinying .
But Xinying left for the other side.
While me & QY trained to AMK>
& I bused home


Okay .
Photos .

Xinying made this crane from the receipt at Carls.
Surprising, the crane did not fly out from the elevator .

Me & Michelle

Me & QianYing


See, Xy shyshyyyyy


Candid agains.

Candid too,
But the guys went to take ballons .

XY & Miss Ngo

Left row :
YewTheng, Zhihao , Sherman , Ms Ngo , Xinying
Right Row :
Marcus Alvin JeeYong Michelle Me QianYing

Me & Xinying

Me & miss ngo .

Zai right ?

& because of this gathering .
I remembered a rumour 4 years ago .
jy & qy(victim) .

Today :
Had pe .
Basically I was walking 4rounds with bnard & kaichin.
Slack la.
Disturb Kevan during SS.
Cause he disturb me during recess.
Had 2 free periods as MrsTeo didnot come today .
Did the same old bloody Ws for the very 3rd time
Damm tired,
Idk why .
Thus ,
I qiuckly finish the paper ,
& slept.
Had ice with D. sweetheart & went home

I rejected 2 offers today .
Movie & icecream.
.End up eating ice with D.
& eating pomelo at home.
When is 渺渺 coming to singapore.
I wanna watch.
Anyone got the link .
Pls gimme alrights?

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