Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello .
So so so sorry that I didnt blog the last few days .
I am a very busy person you know .
Okay .
Lets get down to work .


Many peeps came to my house
For steamboat.
Sorry for those whom I didnt call.
I called so many peeps that
I couldnt remember who .
Quite a number of people didnt come also .
Sanyee came out too.
Ayden look super shuai :D
Super cute,
He climb as though he swimming like that .
Played Left4Dead.
Hotel 626 .
Bnard was sososooso high that
He shocked boss.
& we gambled infront of the door.
In the living room.
Like wthhhhhhh.
Pictures next post okay ?
Very tired day lahs .
Duck threatens to cook my cousin .
& I threatens to cook him .
Went to Kenneth Gan Seng Jun's house
Damm it,
I brought them to the wrong house.
Damm fun la.
& he's damm lucky .
"important " people in band went to his house.
Zhaofa Diyan me , Bernard hassinah
Emmanuel, Kengteng Addison.
Big enough?
& Boss is afraid of PRAWNS :D
Purposely put the prawns in front of him .
I think that celebrating CNY in Singapore is damm lifeless la.
But lucky Leemei didnt go back to Malacca.
Or i will go crazy .
Sleep wakeup eat.
& do amaths qsn in the middle of the night .
Super lifeless laaaaaaa.
tueday was a great day.
Just that I miss band practice :{

Wednesday .
Was basically schooling
No extra classes ,
No tuition .
Walk around J8 .
& Headed home .
Daiso the best,
One stop , one shop
I can buy everything .
Okay , I was random .
I think got some austimic guy on the bus .
Meiyan scared like hell
Cause he's damm scary .
Very , I repeat.
I love Amaths
Mrs Lee say I quite okay in Amaths
But i told her this
A : But I failed my amaths.
M.L : Who in this room didnt fail amaths.
A : *laughs* ya , true.

Kawaii-ness la.
How luku can it be /

Thursday .
Schoolings .
& Band .
Poa is driving me mad .
Seriously .
Shit ,
I cant rmb what happen yesterday .


Friday .
Chinese test damm easy
But not confident can score.
I spend half an hour to finish the bloody paper.
15 mins sleep .
15 mins read book .
Then blah .
Andrew is very funny .
Chinese oral questions
Endup yick ask him in english
Like what the hell >
Band .
I finish my Amaths hw during band .
Bcause I got nothing to do .
The rest of the section slacking as well .
Shall not elaborate.
Damm happy la.
When i can play
Had lecture .
Hate it .
It makes me feel as though
I'm scolding the band .
Went home after band .
Fenny say imma band freak.

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