Saturday, February 14, 2009

Labels : Nike Mini .

Okay ,
I saw this cute little ad on nuffnang yesterday .
& its was so cute.

Lets see,
First I started off with the firstpage.

Then must deco "nike mini "
Its damm cute I tell you .
It keeps running on the spot.
Running running & more running.
You can randomise the things .
& its very fun
Look at the naked body .
Somebody the skin color all very zai one .
& fyi : its running on the spot.

DangDang !
Angie's wawa.
Cute right ?

If you free.
You should give it a try .
Its like pet society
I mean the creating pet part la.
Look like me anot ?
Somemore got ipod de ye.

p/s : I didnt use my photoshop , cause im on my lappy .
Thus, I didnt edit well :(

“Nike Zoom Sister One+, The ultimate training shoe for women”.

For more details :

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