Monday, January 19, 2009

School was alright

I love chinese lesson .
Cause can play :D

Tookduring lunch .
I love mei !

Headed to band after lessons.
& had fullband with Mr Marcus.
Guess what happened?
I sprained my ankle.
I runrunrun ,
Then I lost my balance ,
& zzz.
Took out the banners.
21 sec1s ,
Can die .
Saw laoshu's report book .
& took a pic.
He allows me to take photo
Well-liked ?
True la,
So many girls like him.

Okay .
Let me explain .
Before people accused me .
Okay .
laoshu , & fenny exchange bags.
Then he say not gay enough .
Then I exchanged with him.
Let him take my HOT PINK bag.
If you see properly ,
There's a shuttlecock.

That laoshu say he found a job at NUM.
Cause he say he's a HUNK.
I replied him this :
Is not you shuai , its ppl like duck .
who is ugly , that make you look shuai.

I modify from ZhaoJing's名言。

Okay .\
Bused home with Duck.
Played with Victoria.

Kawaii right ?
Pure innocence (?)

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