Saturday, January 17, 2009

My dearest Jocelyn Ahyi is on the plane now.
& I miss her

Wake up & washup.
Rushed to meet Daryl Joce dear,ahyi & Johnson .
As usual , Im late.
Makan at Yakun .
& I turned my eggs into such state.

Shopped around after breakfast /
& send Daryl to work .
Practically went into all the shops
& walked.
Wanted to buy jelly lens.
But J. Dear say that it wasnt worth it .
To buy such a small thing for 7 bucks.
When I can photoshop it .
Meet J.ahyi's mum.
& she helped us took photo.
Went to Daryl's workplace
& disturb him .
& its J.ahyi mum who wanted to disturb him .
But ,
He serving another customer .
& we decided not to wait.
& we got daryl to sneak out
& take photo :D

Trained with Jocelyn Dear & johnson .
Met mum at Khatib
Headed to this little fella bday party .

Angie Victoria.

Anqi , Jiayi.

Went K1 cut hair .
Fringe is damm short now .
& i hope can get to the length I want .
By CNY >

Had electone class today .
Rush like hell .
Didnt go airport to send Joce Ahyi off.

Ohh ,
I forgot to reply ice cream's text today.
Make him damm mad .

Its great to see such scenes.
Cause i used to use my lappy
on my electone chair .

Its great to see that I have friends that are with me
All the time.
Esp when I need them .
& they aint hyprocrites.
That's the best part.
& had decided to listen to their advices.
Cause , its for me own good.

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