Saturday, January 03, 2009

Little cute creatures.

School was boring yesterday .
Talks by Mrs Menon & Ms Chin.
Wth ,
No name tag &long nails are also
Against the school rule ?
Sudden thought of mine was that .
The teachers ,
Or rather the school doesnt trust the students.
& nails are self-defence for girls.

Focus group was like,
Idk what .
Mrs Tilli say must start prepare the Olevel fees.
But she didnt tell us how much .
& I realised that ,
We got a very low chance of getting into a JC.
We got 7subjects for my class.
& JC require 6 subjects
& If i got 2 C5 .
Sure cant get it alr.

Had councillor meeting with Mrs Menon after school.
Shall not elaborate on that.
15 Cs .

Band after that.
Then PEC meeting after band
Wth .
Ended the meeting cause we wanting to chiong home
& watch 小娘惹。

小娘惹 fever!

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