Thursday, January 01, 2009

Class Chalet !


Yesterday was Class Chalet
Shouldnt have gone for it .
I should have stayed at home & watch tv.
Whats the point when you come for chalet
& you emo ?
Make untill the atmosphere damm low la.
Make me dont feel like blogging about it la.
I believe they will agree with me as well.


Joce's dad send me & meiyan & joce to the chalet.
Kinda funny in the car.
Borrowed the bikes from the guys .
Cause me & MY didnt want to waste money.
Cycled with MY, SN
Waited for the rest
But they didnt appear.
Cycled to the chalet.
Helped out & stuff.

BBQ started!

Logesh put a marshmallow on a sparkler.
& the fire went through the marshmallow.
Very nice.
My K810i wasnt able to shoot it .

The things I did was.
BBQ & watch tv with diyan sweetheart.
Carmen say the chicken wings I bbq-ed was delicious.
& i tasted a little like satay.
Watch the noose .
& Laughed very hard.
Damm funny la.
The guys are like mad people la.

People countdown will go .
5 ,4 , 3 , 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR/

& What they did was.
5 ,4 ,3, 2, 1 FUCK YOU FUCKYOU
Many times.

Dared Logesh ,
Cause he off my tv.

Gossiped with Joce, Feli , Nie, Esh , SJB after that.
After that ,
Dad fetched me home.
Gossiped on the way to the foyer
With Joce, Feli ,& Nie

New Year Resolution
- <12 for L1R5.
- Clear Grade 6 Exams.
- I want to happy & rich.
- GOH for SYF.
- No more relationship* problems

*My relationship refers to friendship , kinship & all those kukunehneh ship la.
Not inclusive of BGR, Cause I cant be bothered with it .

More pictures will be uploaded into my wretch.
When I'm bloody free.
& will post the group photos when I recieve from Valen.

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