Monday, December 08, 2008

Finally I'm freed.
As if.
ps , I met quite afew weirdo today.

Wokeup at 1.
Washup& stuff.
Went for religious.
Saw one human that yucks me.
Saw one guy .
Wear green&black shirt.
& black jeans, not skinny.
& carry one kappa sling bag
& step 一个小流氓。
He totally yucks me lor.
He like damm gay.

Went home .
Watched tv untill slept.

Take my stuffs.
Went to Suki Sushi with mum .
Aunt say she dont wanna eat.
NgKelKel called me when I was in the bus
I told him that we will make banners for him
(!)Waste of resources ,haha
& the customers there like ..
Abit weird one .
Case no.1 :
I walk pasted this little guy.
I mean younger than me .
Then he was like knocking the table.
As if he's playing the drumset.
Then I look at him ,
Thinking that he abit too dramatic de drummer la.
Then he dao me ,
He was giving me that ,
"See what see, I drummer la, you not happy ar"
I dao him back & walked away /.
Like wth .
Better dont come chongboon ar.
Otherwise, he goodgame.
Not GG by me ,
But by others.
What an attitude.

Case no.2 :
Another table la .
They keep looking at us,
Idk why .
But they did something damm funny
They was like ,
pointing at what I was eating.
Nvm about that ,
I saw them .
& they smiled at me .
Of course I stunned 掉啦。
Then they called for the waitress/waiter.
But they were busy .
&you know what they did?
They raised up BOTH hands,

I ate quickly
& left that place asap.

Went Shopping.
Mum bought a pendant for herself
& jade bangle for popo.
She wanted to buy for me .
But I didnt wanted it .
I rather she buy me a lolita dress.
Awwwwwwww, I want lolita.
Bought nail polish
& Ear studs.
Went home after that.
More shopping tml

Talking to Roger now ,
I hope he dont report to my mum.
I talked to WenAn afew days ago .
&okay la.
I cant believe I used to like him.
Cant believe that he gaveup on his BB Dream la.
Whatever la.

My heart is for my marshmallow.
Although her dad doesnt wants her anymore.

Lovelove, Shopping tml.

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