Monday, December 29, 2008

Band ft Sec 1 Orientation Camp

Head for Band in the morning .
Practice for the percussion ensemble thing .
Chose simple pieces .
& Very nice one .
9 pieces long ,
But all repeated.

Told Mrs Ng,
& she said that she LOVES percussion ensemble
More than any other ensembles.
& Emmanuel Ho Kah Yoong say that .
He will let me play snare for next year speech day .
Band ,
Was kinda happy during sectionals.
Fellow percussionists should know why.
But we wasted alot of time.
Fredy today bad mood.
Full band on Overture .
Fk my running notes.
Keep couldnt run .
It was okay during sectionals
Love it to the max.
Many alumnis came back.
Mr Leng came back too.
Adrian is finally back
After, 402 days.
But this time round is good.
He didnt poke my face.
Damm shocked.
Because too long never see so many alumni comeback alr.
Headed home with duck & irina after band

Labels : Sec 1 Orientation Camp .

Hi .
I'm Angie .
& the whole cohat knows me

Okay la.
Wokeup at 530
Washup & stuff.
Went to school
On the way to school.
Saw Emman at mac
& slacked awhile with him
& waited for Diyan sweetheart.
Endup , I was late.

Was stunned by Mrs Menon 5min speech .
Chiong up with Joce.
& Start the ice breakers .
Thank god we are well-y planned.
*whatever the spelling is.
& we are flexible people.
Ice breakers were a success.
Cute humans /
The little boy from Yellow house very cute!
& there was one girl in W.xinyi group say I'm lesbian .
What the helll.
I'm straight okay .
Damm funny la.
ME : Hello ,I am angie .
girl :oooo, Angie the choice.

Then i demo the game with wxy.
Then she say i lesbian
Cause xinyi touch me .
After ice breakers.
Walked around with jocelyn
& slacked at canteen .
Because we got nothing to do
Talked to Daryl & Johnson.

I was kinda surprise that
There's quite a number of special needs student the coming year.
It really shocked me
When I was checking the Medical condition & stuff with Jocelyn .

Played Daryl's PSP.
& Went TGM with joce & Mr Tan
To buy the vegetarian food.

Good seniors help juniors
& yet .
They say I'm auntie.
I helped them to take drinks laa.
Because all I have with time to eat.
& they only got 45 mins .
Ohya .
The food this year was the BEST of the past 3 years.
& somemore got drink .
For what I remember ,
I used to buy drinks during sec1 orientation camps.
& valen almost went crazy .
He's training his own patience .
Damm hilarious.
As I said .
All me & joce had was TIMEEEEEEEE.
Thus ,
We decided to do experiments with the leftover drinks
Found on the tables.

Okay .
Mass games.
I was playing psp & sleeping
In the councilor room .
If I go out .
I will endup like leemei.
Had fun .
Talked to some of the sec 1.
Pretty cute people.
I was disappointed ,
No shuaige .
1chiobu only .
& I think that that chiobu will like my laoshu one fine day.
Bought BBT
& headed home.

Class Chalet tml!

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