Monday, November 03, 2008

Had bridging today .
& Headed home with Diyan today.
My house.
Went blog hopping
& we saw the thing from sasa's blog.
& went to try it .
Got super high after that.
Trained down to Bugis.
ALICE 88th.
Try lolita.
I told the boss that i wanna wear for the JRock party
But she say I suit Sweet loli better.
Then she's like .
Why go JRock cannot wear sweet loli.
Later I call the organsizer &ask .
Then me & diyan was laughing lor.
Too bad ,
No photography allowed.
Headed to Bugis street
Find Grace.
Love her many many .
Bought my stuff
& Train down to city hall.
Walked around
&Spend /waste 2 bucks on the stupid catcher .
Then headed to kfc to makan .
& use com

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