Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heyo sweethearts.
Flying off in 7 hours time?
Gonna miss me alrights?
Because I will miss you guys too.
Grant you guys photos with I'm back .
Will be posted on my wretch .
Its somewhere hidden in my profile.
So, Happy finding.

& ya.
Bon Voyage to BMSS peeps.(in advance)
Because they are flying off one day after us.
to: BMSS peeps.
See you guys in disneyland.
Come & support us alrights?

& thanks to those we wish me 一路顺风
Love you guys all.
MIA for the next 5days.
Will be back on the 23nov.
Markers : I promise that I will go find you when I'm back.
Love you too!

Please Pray & chant or whatever
& hope that the performance will be a great one alrights?
& for those who wanna send us off.
School : lastestestest 545
Airport : 6?
830 am flight.
TPJC peeps not on the same plane as us.
not fun.

Terminal 3 , Row 10/.

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