Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello , this is Captain angie speaking.
Zi high.

Had band today
As usual.
Full band all the way
& the seniors didnt dance!
Disturbed by Wilson.
& I scratched him.
Went home after that.
I was very hungry.

Yesterday was a fruitful day .
Just that some idoit wasted 30mins of my life .
Yesterday was a beauuuutiful sunday.
Suppose to meet Vigi at 10 .
But I was late for 30mins.
Headed to city area.
I led her to the wrong stop .
Go penisula there buy skinny.
Suppose to be cityhall
We alighted at raffles place.
So ,
Walked to suntec there
& had lunch first.
Bought stuffs
& trained to YCK.
My thumb was bleeding in the inside.
Idk why.
&It hurttttttttttts.
Reach YCK at 2.
Damm proud of myself.
But but but.
Tom , Linhua, Sean , JoeyW. , Daisy reached alr.
Soon , Anderson came :]
Headed to NYP for PhilYouth tune in session.
Vigi was like super hyper.
They damm pro lo .
Make me feel so nooby nooby noob.
They let us sight read those pieces that I see also never see before one.
I already thought that Goddess damm tough alr.
Their pieces are even tougher/
Its damm dulan lo .
With Kelvin suanning me .
& some other things
.Walaos, make people blush de lor.
I feel like I threw Mr Chiang's face mansxz.
Ya, so .
Mr Chiang say I got the cutest voice he ever heard.
I guess its a complient , yea?
&I hope that he name his daughter
After the session ,
Vigi , Anderson & me leave first.
Cause I was rushing.
Ps band peeps!
Walked to MRT station ,
& we went seperate ways.
My dear ice cream was emoing lor.
"Wrinkles~, emo cause wrinkles"
-quoted from vigi koh.

Rushed down ,
& I mean i RUSHED down to city hall to meet WongSaikit.
As he told me that he at orchard area.
I know that if he sees this ,
He willllll KILL ME.
But , who cares?
He's not gonna see this ,
.Reach around 7.
& I waited half an hour for that bloody birthday boy.
16 big ar?
Make me wait.
I hate to wait for people -.-
Walked to Suntec ,
& had dinner at burger king.
Walaos ,
He really is a pig.
He ate the BK Quad Stacker.
Like wtf?
I believed that those who eat beef will go to hell
We bought tickets for movies before heading for dinner.
9pm show .
Madagascar 2.
Damm funny.
I admit that I was being a sadistic at one part of the movie.
It's great
Rate it 9/10
1 to improve.
I sounded as though Imma pro.
Headed home after movies.
That bastard ps me .
As he went to do something more important than me.
Complain to my mum then he know.

1 more day to hongkong.

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