Wednesday, August 27, 2008

councillor big ar/
so what if im a councillor.
councillor means everything good meh
hello ,
go & die.

Humans are all the same .
They say ,
I will always be with you when you got trouble.
But whenever i need help ,
You just say you dont know,
you busy , you cant help ,
what the hell crap was that.
Whose there to help me .
No one lor,
Everytime i hang out with you all ,
Sits with you all ,
you all just DIAODIAODIAO!
I'm not dumb ,
I have eyes , mouth, ears.
You all never step into my shoes,
& my life is way way difference from yours.
Tell teacher i pon school all ,
got evidence anot ?
Everytime i didnt go school ,
i stay at home & sleep .
&that 's not pon.
Everytime you all need help .
I volunteer to help .
& what i got was,
scoldings & blamings.

Let me tell you why i dont want go councillor investiture.
yes, i wanted to pon .
I went ,
Because of daryl .
I dont want to disappoint him .
You all ask me do ,
I did ,
properly & everything
& yet ,
what i've gotten in return ?
I wasted & spend so much time ,
& it was not even needed,
What i got in return was ,
a whole lot of blamings,
saying that i do last minute work .
wtf ?
You guys insulting me,
my cca.
I got say anything anot?
nvm , i tolerate.

Band as well .
Make me so disappointed.
& make me feel so useless.

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