Friday, August 29, 2008

4more days to my birthday ,
& weeeeeeeeee's chinesepaper.

went to school with kengteng sweetheart
& waited for wilson ,
& walked to school together
we late laaaaaas.
7.2X then reach school.
lucky not late.
did ACES thingy ,
& we got skipping compeition.
keep changing my duty
chiong councillor stuff,
& didnt got a chance to return back to class.

i feel so uncomfortable.
oh well , as what fredy said.
im not lady like.

<3 claudia, angie , leemei

MEIIS! angie & erika

thati & meeeeeee :D

total madness. wifeys!

:D meowwwwwwwws

me & keai de yixin

chiobu serene :]

from the president of potatoes }:

caiyijie :]

help out & stuff.
ate lunch at cbm
& headed to amk hub.
walked with dia ,
in the end,
slacked at mos burger,
& shared milk tea
& zilian .

home sweet home.
okayy lor,
dear's enjoying himself .
& im rotting at home.
i have busy schedule.
dont try booking me.
* : tbc
saturday : course, tuition & organ class
sunday : felicia's performance, matsuri , bday celebration
monday : kbox with kengteng , cake-baking with percussion & meetup with dear.*
tues : band practice/
wed : councillor camp.
thurs: councillor camp, chem&physics practical test, band investiture.
fri : band practice.
sat : tuition & organ class
sunday : tuition

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