Friday, July 25, 2008

5more months to christmas.
birthday's coming ,
& i can have presents.
&I shall post a birthday wish every post.

st 's having a home stay at my house.
i wonder if st will miss st nots.
&some things are just making me laugh my intestines out!
main point; X not X.!
censored la.
those who know , keep quiet.
i shall not reveal!

not much fun nowadays.
reason being is because ,
everyones damm stress out,
the day is like longer than the night la.

today was basically
attitude mum,
cause i wanted to pon school.
but i failed.
damm tired.
had reading period in class ,
&was coping physics.
&watched silk the last part during ce period.
i scared, but i wanna watch.
catch the ironyyyyyyyyyy.
the whole dayphysics must interesting nia lor.
nienie's great ,
she taught me physics during recess
& guess what ,
that particular question came out for the test.
thanks nie nie.
juju daryl during recess too.
juju-ing hims is funnnnn
during the test ,
mr shaw walked in .
i thought i saw ghost siolllll.
or rather i thought i saw two mr koh.
cause i was doing my paper.
& i saw the shoes.
but i remembered seeing mr koh in front of me
when i looked out.
but when i continued with my paper,
i saw the shoes.
they wear the same shoes somemore you know.
plus we ce period that time watch silk ,
the last part.
the ghost came up that part.

& today no practice ,
all cleaning session .
was singing when joey played the melody.

they had interhouse volleyball today
&interhouse badminton tomorrow.
&i wonder ,
why they cannot have interhouse singing compeitition?
i sure join one.

uncle ks email me some interesting photos for daddy .
but, i am so in love with it.
post in another post.

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