Thursday, July 24, 2008


today's raindrop like , damm big la.
for once, emmanuel told mi that it was snow

amaths, was kinda blur.
i realised my tutor got point sia.
i will thinkthinkthink then suddenly switch off.
so, yick say what chinese project kao kuso .
please la, she herself duneven know what the hell
kuso is.
making me explain kuso.
i think she dance is damm kuso liaos lor.
band was damm slack.
cause i wasnt feeling well .
&&&fenny conduct for percussion.
fight with emmanuel

asri sucks la.
he say will help me do my ace learning one.
in the end didnt.

haokor teach me amaths.
thanks a million.

& i want to go nco camp.
going for the nco pop alone is stupid cans?

classroom madness, last week photo i guess.

found it in raymond's phone.

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