Saturday, July 05, 2008

good morning
kinda weird seeing me post at such an early time right/
wokeup because mr chiang called me.

currently this whole wasnt in the right mood to post.
perhaps after the concert.
my mood will be back
thus, i have update my song book.
blog song,
whatever you call it.

late night practice.
school was okayys i guess.
as usual,
the whole class got high after 12.
scary siol.
everyday without fail.
mr bala was absent from school.
&got one relief teacher came
&make us go ws.
penguin irritated me
when we were returning to the classroom.
&i kicked hims,
but my leg too short,
plus he siam me.
so my kick failed,
at the same time.
penguin knocked into the dustbin
&hit his phone
what a jokeeeeeeeee.
had a workshop
then ,
went for exchange.
they damm cute siol
keep giving us water.
chiong back
&went to collect dinner with tom
for the band
tom was struggling man.
luckily ,
i clever.
i ask diyan to send some peeps to help.
but that time
both of our hands all numb liaos.
its super train muscles one lor.
then ,
everyone startd to eat &stuff
me &diyan decided to eat at the parade square.
more cooling
&had some conversations.
then clarence &emmanuel & dduck came to join.
so like ,
not enough spoons.
&poor fredy gonna use the i dunno what to eat.
so we reuse spoons
practice was kinda late,
&reached homes kinda late.
bused home with kt as usual.
we were like,
discussing about people's laughter.
i was the loudest la.
& kt wendymei &diyan was like.
blahing with crap into my ears.
pure friendship la dey.
you guys are thinking too much.
way too much.
wanted to study geography
as friday got test.
didnt cause couldnt absorb.
so went to sleep.

yesterday// friday.
damm tired,
me&kt was almost late.
in the end ,
assembled in the classroom.
&was drizzling i guess.
mr bala came.
had lessons &stuff la.
then band
phew, i did practice.
& i know i played wrong
but fredy never say anything.
full band then sectionals.
sectionals is always fun
cause we had fredy
& reality show: fredy &me
i dontknow ep what liaos.
got drama one okayy
mai xiao.
cast:bernard &zhaofa as 2diff gangster tou
vigi as bernard's wife
emmanuel as zhaofa's son.
amanda as benard's exwife.
hassinah as policewoman.
me as vigi's bodyguard?
scene: gangster tou not bueysong eachother,
wanna fight. bernard kill zhaofa's wife.
zhaofa kill bernard's son. they wan take revenge.
me & amanda jie fight. cause i under bernard's gang
then amanda bueysong vigi, she jealous, then i fight with
amanda jie, cause vigi busy.but hassinah is the one that
encourage them to fight.

cool right.
u will catch it this sunday.

brought home bells to practice.
ohmama, im so not confidence in my timpani part.

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