Sunday, July 06, 2008

was chatting with hui han yesterday night.
&she say that alot of people ask her for zhaofa's number.
&zhaofa say that im violence.

wokeup at 7 .
&went to school with the bells.
hand got blisters.
play that time very pain.
had PEC meeting
&went to school.

had practice &stuff.
&set off to singapore poly.
had lunch.
it was super nice okay/
better than the one we brought on thursday.
though its nasi lemak.

then took section photos,
&&&went for practices.
wanted to take combined band photos.
but no time.
the stage was pretty small.
&&& like, its so weird.

then 5pm liaos.
totally no stress la
bmcm peeps went up stage.
then chongboon's turn liaos.
played rumbles first
then shan huhai
then hips dont lie.
i didnt screw up my xylo part
for rumbles!
shan. was a bit rushed.
cause cannot find sticks
but overall its was okay.
percussion went backstage
&support bmcm
when moonlight represent my heart that time
we all singing behind.
then give flowers.
then triumph.
i am very gentle one okay.

wahatever la.
encore part: hawaii 5 0.
had fun la.,
&& million thanks to those who came to support.

went back to school.
&cheered as a band
ate mac with lena , sandy & wanteng
gossiped too.
went to bbt shop.
brought bbt &corn cup.
&went home with kt
shared with my sister the corn cup
&pompom &stuff.
chatt with huihan .

marmie's damm fcuked up.
&i dont really like it.

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