Saturday, June 14, 2008

yesterday was black friday.
didnt post ,
had alot of problems.
&&& i totally argee with diyan sweetheart.
come back cause more problems.
i start to dislike your attitude , fucker.

skip yesterday la.
damm dulan.

wokeup at 10 plus.
then went for tuition.
damm siann.
&i dunno how to use algebra to do problem sums.
did alot of computer work
&i learnt midpoint!
my tuitionmate she damm cute.
i still dontknow her la.
but she look at me,
i look back
&we smiled at eachother.
vice versa la.
then called sweetheart
&did my shopping.
bought yuenyee jie's present.
& my thumbdrive's accessrioes.
bought my sandals.
&ichiban sushi
my favourie scallop
then went home.
ayden came my house.
but i got no time play with hims.
had organ lesson
then that's for today
&&i seriously hate people copy me lors.
that's explaining why my msn gt
i dontunderstand why they copy me.
somemore copy untill sibeii song.
if i see anyone copy me right.
i shall post this name, class, school.
blog, msn, number,
&name them angie's super fan number X
X= 1 2 3 4 ...
you call me selfish or what fuck
i dontcare.
i just dont like people coping me,
so copykittys you better dont copy me liaos.
unless you really really wanna be mysuper fans.
i love diyan's blog.
& i seriously seriously love her current post.
muacks to diyan sweetheart.

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