Saturday, May 10, 2008

marmie found my gurantee card
&went for servicing today
zhao hei pi de.
train to orchard
service my phone
i miss you.
collecting it on tuesday.
i tink.
go home &change then go out bahs
paper end toooooooooo early liaos.
anyone interested to go?
stucked with this n73
&i bloody hell dontknow how to use this phone.

attention to those whom i know ,or
whose we change this no.
after last year end of year exam
please please msg mi ur no.
cause i lost all contacts after the exams.

shopped around
wanted to buy a bag
&many more.
but mum kbkp.
in the end only buy one cardigian nia.
fuck it la.
dao her whole day.
damm unhappy la.
she say the shorts too short
dont buy
she kp me buy bags.
my bag all so small
not enough for me to put my things all inside la.
next week i going bugis.
i go bugis buy.
or i go hub with aunt &buy.
the pink nike bag
very easy dirty.
wo ren.
i nid go download chinese typing thing liaos.
im communicating fenny in chinese.
i still love diyan the best.
baby i still love you one.but.
you are giving me crap.
as inyour attitude towards mi.
i hope we can be like the times when we are tgt.

life's aint great
please dont make my life so miserable.

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